My name's Ulises Torres. I'm here at Metropolis Bikes in North Hollywood, California, and I'm going to show you how to remove and reinstall bicycle pedals. First, you want to start off with a 15 millimeter open end wrench. It doesn't have to be a specialty wrench like this. But, I'm using a specialty wrench because it's very skinny and fits all types of pedals. You want to make sure that your no millimeter open end wrench is skinny enough to not get stuck between the pedal and the crank. So, first of all, you're going to put in your wrench. And the trick to taking pedals off is that to take a pedal off, it pedals the bicycle forward, the way you'd normally be pedaling the bike. So, you want to push down on the pedal, and then you pedal the bicycle a couple of times, and the pedal comes off the bike. Now, the trick with this is each pedal has an r and an l, for a right or left hand thread. That also means right or left hand side of the bicycle. If you put incorrectly, you're going to destroy not only the pedal, but you're going to destroy the crank. So, these have to be put on in the order and in the right direction. So, all you have to do to put these things back on, is find the right pedal for the right crank, start the threads to go in. Make sure that they go in smoothly, put your wrench on, and pedal backwards in a free wheel motion. When you feel it get tight, tighten it down. That's how you take off and put on a pedal on the bicycle. My name's Ulises. Thanks a lot.