Video transcription

Hi I'm Jim Harmon, California Pest Management. You got pigeon problems around your house or birds coming around, and they're running around and you want to scare them out of your garden. Well having birds typically is not a problem, most people like that. But pigeons and some of these nastier birds, you want to keep them away. Well this may be a good use for your old CDs. Take your CD and any type of twine, string, normally I like to use something with color so I can see it, but if you don't want to and you're worried about having some twine that's not going to last, use fishing line, monofilament line works great on this. All we're going to do is take about a foot to two feet of string, loop it through the CD, tie it off, I actually go three half knots. Now we're ready to hang it. As this twirls it picks up the sunlight and creates a little bit of an illusion of a prism, flashing a little light off of it, birds don't like that. Especially in the wind this will keep moving around, they don't like that, it irritates them, it freaks them out and it scares them, because it also is a random movement. Now mind you, the birds will get use to it, especially with pigeons. Now when you're ready to hang these cut the length of twine at different lengths, that way they'll hang at different levels. And you can also put two on the same, or three or four, depending on how long an area you need to cover. Just remember you're going to want to watch out so you don't hit these with yourself. Okay, now we put our CDs up. Now for an average awning, for example in our backyard here, I want the birds to stay out from underneath so I don't get bird poop all over my picnic table. Well I'll be hanging these all over the perimeter, usually every 5 to 6 feet, that should be more than enough, on a nice bright sunny day with a little bit of wind, they're going to be twirling around making all kinds of visual deterrence for these birds. If you have them in your garden you can hang these actually around your property and it will deter the birds from going onto the property to a certain degree.