How to Clean Exhaust Pipes

Video transcription

Hi my name is Diesel and I'm the owner and operator of Here we have an exhaust pipe. A lot of people overlook the exhaust pipe but if you look at this particular car it has a stainless steel exhaust pipe. It is a beautiful exhaust pipe but right now it's dirty so the whole car is clean with a dirty exhaust pipe, it makes the whole car look like it wasn't cleaned. So what I would suggest to do is because some exhaust tips are aluminum, once again you don't want to use any strong cleaners. You want to clean it with soap and water and then after it dries, after you dry it use a nice polish. I happen to use Mother's and what you do is put the Mother's on a towel, you rub it in, try to go all the way around and then you start to buff it out and what I also advise doing because this is a custom pipe you will see how big this exit is, you also want to polish inside that exit. It is not going to last long because as soon as you drive it for a few miles it is going to get dirty again but since the car is clean you might as well not skip this step. You do this, your tail pipe will be clean, your full car will be clean and everybody's happy.

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