Video transcription

The next step you need to do is add ribbon to your handle to make it look nice and elegant. You have to remember that the bride's going to be nervous, so you she's going to really be messing around with this so you have to give a nice feel to it. I always use a satin quality ribbon, and what I do is add a couple pieces of the plastic stems from the flowers that you cut off on your focal flowers. Put a little hot glue at the top and you start raveling it down. Keeping it tight, just wrap down the handle, very loosely the first way, the first time, go all the way down, keeping it tight. Once you get to the bottom, you kind of curve it and start going back up. This is the part she'll actually see, so you need so you need to make sure that your seams are fairly even going up the handle right here so it looks good, creates a nice feel for her. You don't want it to be too loose on there so hold it pretty snug because she's going to be messing with it whether she likes it or not, she does. When you get to the very top, you take a couple twists to get a nice clean edge along the end up there. And then with a pin you can just insert it right on up alongside the handle to keep it there and you'll cut your ribbon off. And basically, it will give you a nice clean finish to the bridal bouquet. And that's how you make it look nice and clean and professional for your bride.