How to make a chiton out of a bed sheet

safety pin image by Randy McKown from

Men and women in ancient Greece wore large pieces of folded and wrapped garments, which were called a chiton. For women, the chiton was a floor-length dress, while for men it was a knee-length tunic. A chiton is an easy and inexpensive costume to make for a toga party. Pin a bed sheet around you and step into a pair of sandals to show your friends how to wear this simple but classic costume.

Make an even 12-inch fold across the top of the fabric. You can make the fold longer or shorter, depending on your taste.

Fold the the width of the sheet in half, keeping the top folded. Next, use a safety pin to fasten one side of the sheet, front to back over one of your shoulders. (Use a fancy brooch if you prefer.) You may need someone to help pin the shoulders.

Hold the front and back of the other side of the sheet together and pin over your shoulder. Fasten the bed sheet a couple of inches toward the middle of the fold to make the neckline higher.

Wrap one side of the open edge over the other to close the chiton. Tie a decorative cord, belt or chain around your waist to keep the sides of the sheet closed. Using safety pins, fasten the sides together from beneath the sheet.

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