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Creative Ways to Give Theater Tickets As a Gift

Theatre tickets are the perfect gift for those who love the arts, but wrapping the tickets is a tricky concept. You always have the option of placing the tickets in a box and wrapping it or, presenting the tickets in a card or envelope, but those options lack creativity. Creative ways to give theatre tickets as a gift include wrapping the gift and finding something to go along with it.

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Theatre Gift Basket

If the person in your life is a movie buff, then present him with a movie-ticket gift basket. Use a paper popcorn tub from your local cinema or, a reusable plastic popcorn bucket. Fill the bucket with movie-theatre treats, including packaged candy and microwaveable popcorn. Slip the movie-theatre tickets into the front of the popcorn tub. He receives two gifts: the gift of the tickets and the gift of snacks for his next movie night at home.

Extra Boxes

Find a variety of boxes in different sizes, including one small enough to hold the theatre tickets. Place the tickets inside the box and cover in wrapping paper. Place that box inside a slightly larger box and cover that with wrapping paper. Keep placing each box inside a larger box, using as many boxes as you like. When the person receives the gift, he has to open each box before finally unwrapping the theatre tickets. Use the same wrapping paper for each box or, make things more colourful by using different patterns of wrapping paper.

Bookmark Wrapping

Purchase a book relating to the history of the theatre, such as "Showtime: A History of the Broadway Musical Theater" by Larry Stempel. Or, choose a book on the history of movies, like "Cinema Under the Stars: America's Love Affair with the Drive-In Movie Theater" by Linda Everett, et al. Pick a book that matches the particular type of theatre the gift recipient enjoys. Slip the theatre tickets inside the book as a bookmark, with just the top of the tickets sticking out. Wrap the book and present it as two gifts in one.

Frame the Tickets

Buy a picture frame that the person can use around the house later. Remove the back and place the theatre tickets inside. Wrap the frame in tissue paper, place inside a small box and wrap as a present. For a twist on the idea, buy a theatre poster of the show the person will see. Tuck the theatre tickets into the bottom of a framed poster or inside a rolled poster before wrapping.

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