How to gift wrap a mug

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You can never make a second first impression and neither can your gift. Giving a gift involves wrapping it, as even the worst present seems a little better when it is gaily packaged. Wrapping unusually shaped presents or glassware without a box may require a little more finesse, but it can be done. Pick a festive wrapping paper, with matching ribbons and bows, that represents the occasion and let the wrapping process begin.

Gather wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, bows and mug onto a clean work surface. Cut out several pieces of tape and attach them to the edge of table.

Place the mug in the centre of a 16-inch square of wrapping paper. Pull up the sides of the wrapping paper and secure with a rubber band. Cut the excess off the wrapping paper leaving approximately 2 inches on top. Fold over the rough edges on top and tape them to the inside of the wrapping paper.

Wrap a brightly coloured ribbon that matches your wrapping paper around the rubber band to hide it. Tie the ribbon and let the excess dangle down the front of your package.

Remove the paper backing off the sticky part of the back of a bow. Place the sticky side to the wrapping paper and press down on the bow. Tape edges of bow for an extra secure fit.

Write out a message on a card or fill out a name tag for the present. Tape the card or name tag underneath the bow.

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