How to make ribbon rosettes for baby bonnets

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Ribbon rosettes are made of long pieces of ribbon that are rolled up in a way that creates a roselike appearance. Ribbon rosettes are used in many craft and sewing projects from clothing, accessories and even pillows and bedding. Making a ribbon rosette for a baby bonnet is done in the same fashion as making any other ribbon rosette. The main difference is that a smaller width ribbon is used so that a smaller rosette is created.

Lay a ruler out on a flat surface and place the wire edged ribbon next to it. Stretch the ribbon out to measure a 30 cm (12 inch) length, and cut the ribbon with scissors.

Tie a knot in one end of the ribbon as close to the end as possible.

Grasp the other end of the ribbon and pull the edge of the fabric back slightly to expose the metal wire. You may need needle-nose pliers to help you access the wire.

Grasp the wire in one hand and use the other hand to push the fabric toward the knotted end. This creates a slight curl in the ribbon which greatly enhances the appearance of the rosette.

Place the knotted end of the ribbon around a pencil. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the pencil two or three times until a tight centre roll forms. Each wrap should sit just slightly above the previous wrap, thus creating a spiral appearance.

Slide the ribbon off of the pencil and continue wrapping the ribbon around the centre until no ribbon remains loose.

Wrap the exposed wire around the bottom base of the flower several times to secure the flower. Cut off any excess wire using the scissors.

Turn the rosette over. Press down gently on the edges of the ribbon to mould it into the desired shape.

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