How to Frame a Christening Gown


Your child's christening gown is a reminder of your faith and the innocence and purity of a special moment in time. You can frame a christening gown in a large shadow box and hang it as decoration in a hallway or bedroom. Oversized shadow boxes are large enough to include the christening bonnet and bootees as well as the invitation to the event. Have your child's name engraved on a small white Bible and include it as part of the display.

Purchase a 24- by 36-inch shadow box from your local hobby supply store, or find one online. Shadow boxes are basically frames with enough depth to include objects that are up to 2 inches thick. The front of the shadow box is glass, the sides are crafted from wood and the backboard is covered with dark felt for a neutral background that adheres well to Velcro.

Remove the backboard of the shadow box from the frame. Lay out the christening gown in the centre of the board, spread out for display. Pin the underside of the gown to the felt backboard with safety pins or straight pins. Two pins on either sleeve, one behind the collar and three across the bottom of the hem will be sufficient.

Add a small section of Velcro to the back of the Bible and place it in the right corner of the shadow box, above the christening gown. Spread your child's bonnet in the top left corner and pin it to the Velcro the same way you pinned the gown. Pin the bootees in the lower right corner of the shadow box and Velcro the christening program or the invitation in the lower left corner. Leave ΒΌ inch around the perimeter of the backboard free so it can slide back into the grooves on the shadow box.

Slide the backboard back onto the shadow box and hang it on the wall.

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