Video transcription

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper way to remove and replace an electronic cooling fan. In this step we're going to go over the proper service procedure for removing your radiator hose clamps and hose. What I have here is some channel locks, they work real good on permanent tension spring clamps. That's what this device is here, I've seen people fight and struggle with them with screw drivers, wire cutters and things of that nature. You're going to want channel locks with long handles, that way to maximize the mechanical leverage you have to the point where you squeeze. Take and squeeze it down on the overflow hose, and we're going to wiggle it back out of position, just like so. Once you have the hose clamp removed, you're going to take it with a twisting motion, remove that hose. Now over time, the rubber sticks to the plastic. It may be necessary to slip a small screw driver between them and break that sticky bond. Go ahead and give it a try by hand right now and see if I can get a twist out of it, as you can see it's twisted. Go ahead with twisting, and pulling backward remove the hose from the radiator. And there you go. That is the proper service procedure for removing a permanent tension hose clamp, and a radiator hose. You're going to go ahead and repeat that procedure for any hoses or clamps that are covering up your mounting bolts for your electronic cooling fan.