Hi I'm James with JNC home repair. Today I'm going to show you how to repair a leaky gutter. This is a typical section of a gutter on a house. This is just a very small section but this will give you an idea what you need to do. If you'll notice here, if you look at your gutters on the outside of your house, if you look every eight or ten feet, you are going to find, you are going to see one of these seams. And what this is, is all this is is just a collar. When your gutters are installed, they are installed in ten foot sections, eight foot sections, or smaller depending on what the measurements are. And what it is, is there are pieces of gutter that actually butt up together and this little collar fits right in between them. It slides in there and it actually, it's called, it's basically called a gutter collar and what it does is it allows you to over lap both seams and if you look inside of it you'll see how where the gutter over laps the collar. Ok. And what you are going to need to do is this right here is called seamer mate. And what this does, is it's a real high adhesive sealant silicone type thing, it's resistant to weather and everything else, water. And what you are going to need to do is you are going to need to seal this whole seam all the way down, all the way inside of it. Ok you don't want to get it on the outside of your gutters. If you seal it good enough on the inside you won't have a bunch of buildup and a bunch of mess all over the outside of it. You want to go ahead and just save all that for the inside you want to go ahead and just seal up this inside seam real, real well and let it sit. You also want to do this after the gutter have been installed but if it's just a leaky one, a lot of, most of the time, what it is is it's just not sealed good on the inside. And water is leaking out through that gap and it's, it's dripping out somewhere either on this side of it or this side of it. And this is quick fix, all you got to do is just get up inside your gutter, actually use the sealant put it around here, seal that up real good and that will eliminate your leak.