Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to change the alignment of text in Microsoft Word. Let's go to our computer and open up Word. We're going to click on the Start button, go to all programs, let's find Microsoft Office and let's open Word. Now I'm going to type in some text here. Now I have that couple of sentences there, I'm just going to copy these, I'm going to paste it several times that way I'll have something that looks similar to a paragraph in my document. So now I'm going to change the way that that text is aligned and the way that I do that is by highlighting the text that I want to change and on the home tab in what's called the ribbon up here at the top, I'm going to go under the paragraph section and there's little bitty lines here that represent text alignment. As you can see they look sort of like a paragraph and I'm going to choose the one that just says center. Now that text has just been centered on the page. It's kind of full so it's hard to tell but as I press Enter past it, you can see that my cursor is still centered on the page. So now I'm going to highlight just that little bit to show you some other alignments that you can use. I can go back to the left alignment by clicking this icon that has all the text on the left. I can align it to the right by clicking this icon that's aligned to the right. Now another one is the full justification that is used a lot in publications like newspapers and magazines. I'm going to highlight my paragraph here, I'm going to click on the justify icon. Now what that does is that spreads out the text so that it'll look a lot more like a little block as opposed to being a different size paragraph. Now if I turn that off again, you can see the difference there. You can see how this paragraph is kind of spaced out, it has little chunks in it where it's word wrapped. If I highlight that again and justify it, it now looks more like some sort of a publication ought to look. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to align text in Microsoft Word.