Hi, I'm Tamara from Sunland Hydroponics, and today I'll be showing you the best way to grow tomato plants. Now first, we want to start off with the Perlite and the Vermiculite, that's going to be our choice of medium, and for every three scoops of Perlite, we're going to be using one scoop of Vermiculite, and we want to pour it into a bucket of water in order to rinse off any excess residue, and then you want to take your scoop of Vermiculite. We'll just pour this right over here and we want to mix this in the water as well to where we're mixing both of them altogether. You want to just mix them nice and good like this to where it starts looking like a good nice mixture. The Perlite is going to show a lot more than the Vermiculite because like I said it's every three scoops of Perlite to one scoop of Vermiculite and then what we are going to do is at the very bottom of your pot that you're going to be using, you're going to be going just about an inch off the bottom and you're going to take a drill with a drill bit on and just poke a nice size hole in there in order for us to know that we've poured enough water in, it's going to start dripping water out of that hole and once water drips out of that hole we know that we've fed it enough. And then you want to protect the bottom with a saucer. It will collect any excess water that drips out and so we're going to pour this mixture right into the bucket and just like that, water is dripping out of that hole so we know that we used the right amount of water and we want to take our tomato plant right out of its container, loosen it up a little and then you just stick it right into the Vermiculite Perlite mixture. And then, you also want to feed it every couple of days and like I said, once you feed it you want to be able to make sure that you see water dripping out of the hole that we drilled in order to know that you fed it enough water, and that's the best way to grow tomato plants.