Video transcription

What are the first symptoms of HIV? They'll be a common cold-like experience, also with fever and fatigue. They'll be a rash, perhaps, on any particular part of the body, usually within the arms and the, the upper body. I'll have complaining of headaches. The lymph system, glands will be swollen and they'll complain of a sore throat. This is very difficult to diagnose unless the physician sees the patient first because a lot of these things could be also signs and symptoms of other disorders. The only positive way of knowing is to go to a physician and to have them do an HIV test and allow that blood test to be done and drawn and sent away and then get the results. All this is, of course, held confidentially. But if you have any of these symptoms, it is good to have a licensed medical physician see you and if there has been any reason why or any type of relationalship of things that might've gone on that could've caused it whether that was IV use or drug use, or or sexual partners or whatever it is, the history will need to be known by your physician and of course, all this is kept in confidentiality. And these are the first symptoms of HIV.