Video transcription

Hi. I'm Noah and today I'm going to answer the question is on line banking safe? In one word, yes, on line banking is safe. But there are a few things that you should check with your bank before you do on line banking. The first thing you can do is to log on to your bank's web site and find about about their guarantees on on line banking. To do this just navigate to your sites on line banking page and then look for the section about guarantees. Here usually you'll find a part about liability. We can see that here there's a zero dollar liability on on line banking. Meaning that any activity which can't be account for, for example if somebody were to steal your password and log in to your account and divert money from your account, you wouldn't have to pay for it and you'd be fully reimbursed by your bank's insurance. Also, keep in mind, that new technologies are being developed all the time to make on line baking safer and safer. On this French bank's web site for example, the log in, instead of simply typing on your key board which can more easily be detected by viruses and now ware, here you'll have to use a virtual keyboard where you simply glide the mouse over the numbers to enter your password, instead of clicking on things or typing something in with your keyboard.