Video transcription

Hi. This is Justyn with Justyn Paul Management and I'm going to be talking with you about how to run a free background check. Now a free background check, you have the potential that you are not collecting all the information that you may have had been able to get hold of if you run a background check through the FBI or through state organization. So just be aware that a free background check, while very useful, has its limitations. So if you're ready to start one of the first thing that I always do is I google the applicants name. Simple as that. First and last name. See what comes up. Often you can very quickly find information about an individual or company that way. And it's a great way to just kind of see if anything raises a red flag. The next place I go to is called It's a great website. You just type in a first name, last name and the state and it quickly pulls up any information that may have been found. I usually do not start with a state. I just do a first name and a last name and then maybe a couple of variations of the name, just to make sure that I got the spelling right. And from there, if you find anything or you don't find anything, you can do a more detailed search for cost. But if I don't find anything off of a google search and I go to and I cannot find anything across different variations of their name or different states then I usually feel pretty confident about the individual not having gotten into a lot of trouble and move on from there. But in some cases like with, in federal cases, if you're working with a federal contract for example you may need to prove that you've done some due diligence. So while free background check is great and there's some wonderful resources for it, make sure that you've done your due diligence and go ahead and pay anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars that it may cost to run a background check through a third party.