Hi, this is Christian from Mella Jonies in Austin, Texas today I'm going to show you how to unbuckle a BMX wheel. Basically, some of the tools you'll need will be a truing stand and a spoke wrench. The process in which you will go ahead and try and unbuckle that wheel will be, determine where it's actually hitting, and once you've done that start adjusting the spokes. It's hitting on this side you'll need to adjust the, in most cases the two parallel spokes from where it's actually hitting. You generally want to try and go in quarter turns. If you go any more than a quarter you can end up getting the wheel a lot more out of true or more buckled than it was. If you don't have a truing stand you can use a zip tie or your brake pads, your rear brake, or front brake for that matter. And that's how you unbuckle a BMX wheel.