Hi I'm James with J & C home repair. Today we are going to show you how to operate a snake which is used to unclog drains, toilets things of that nature. This is basically a smaller version of it. They have a bigger version that are electric that you can plug into the wall. They're for like more heavy duty application. But around the house a smaller one like this will probably do you just fine. Basically all you do is once you are inside the toilet, you pull out this thing right here and you just shove this down the end of the toilet. Once you get it to the point where you've reached your blockage and you can't shove it in there no more, all you want to do is just lock this wing nut in place grab it by the handle, and actually turn this just like so and what this thing is going to do is it's going to be inside the drain actually grabbing anything that's clogging the toilet and it should break it loose enough where you can flush the toilet or if you are in a shower or something like that it should release the blockage so it will drain. And basically that's, it's that simple. If you have any more questions you can contact me at J & C home repair. com