Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm going to discuss how to style very short hair. Short hair is a little bit easier to style in the morning. You can do a little bit more of a trendier, messier look with short hair. Depending on whether you like your short hair to spike or lay flat will depend on how you actually blow your hair. If you would like a bit of a messier style that is more standing up, you will take your blow dryer and you will begin to blow your short hair up. If you want something that's a little bit more down, you will just blow the hair down. If you'd like to bring it towards the face, you will actually blow the hair towards the face. After your hair is dry and completed, you will take a finishing product in order to finish off your style. If you are going more of a messier look, I usually put the, emulsify the product really well with in my hands and then just kind of mess up the top. If you'd like it to be a little higher, you can simply lift it with that finishing product and create a little bit more of a piecy kind of spiky look. If you would like it to be a little bit more towards the face, you can actually piece those pieces coming towards your face in order to actually frame your face. Texturizing is usually pretty crucial with in short hair cuts, and that will start with when you get your hair cut from your local stylist. They will texturize your hair in order for your style to suit you and for you to get the look that you are trying to achieve. And that is how to style very short hair.