Hello, my name is Mark Blocker, in this segment we're going to cover how to change a chainsaw blade. OK, first off, chainsaws don't have blades, what we actually have here is a bar that the cutting chain rides on and the cutting chain itself and I'm going to show you how to do both. I've got this chainsaw setup with the fasteners just finger tight so we can get through the filming a little easier. What you need to do first is remove these two outer nuts that holds this case cover on and also holds the bar in place. And your chainsaw may vary so I recommend checking your operator's manual from the saw itself and that'll give you directions on how to do this. So I'm just going to remove those two nuts and as I said before, I've just got them finger tight. Now we're going to remove the cover assembly and this one also contains a chain brake handle in there and clutch. Now I've got access to actual bar and chain and drive sprocket assembly. What I'm going to do is use a screwdriver and back the tension of that off a little bit, it makes it easier to get it out. To remove the chain, just slide it over the groove after you've gotten it loose and it'll just fall right off and you just need to wind it around the backside of that clutch sprocket here and then you can remove the chain. Once the chain is removed, you can easily remove the bar as well for inspection, servicing and or replacement. That's how you remove a chainsaw bar or cutting chain.