Hi, my name is Giulliano Prieto, a general engineering contractor with Prieto Engineering in Los Angeles, California. Today, I will show you how to use a laser level. This laser level right here functions to help us find out elevations from anywhere from three feet all the way up to 300 feet. The way we use laser levels out in the field and in and around the home is to help us judge slopes of walkways, elevations of walls and in general, to keep everything level and to know where our starting point is and where our ending point is as a reference. The first thing that I'm going to do is turn on the laser level. The second thing that I'm going to do is turn on the receiver. The receiver needs to be pointed towards the laser level. The fixed signal indicates that this is now at a fixed point with the laser level. Now that I have the fixed point, I will move it over to my next area. Imagine that this is at a relative distance anywhere from three to 300 feet. I will set this until the signal is fixed. There is also a display here that will tell me which way to go up or down. That's our fixed signal. Once we have our fixed signal, I'm going to take a pencil and mark the bottom of the post on the fixed elevation. Once you have the fixed elevation marked on your surface, take your tape measure and extend down from the desired elevation down to the marked elevation. In this case we're about eight and a half inches. Now that we know the two different elevations, we can now build or adjust accordingly. This elevation is now about eight and a half inches below this elevation and so if I wanted to level these two blocks and say these two were about 300 feet away, I now know to raise this up about eight and a half inches. My name is Giulliano Prieto with Prieto Engineering, and thank you for watching my video on how to use a laser level.