Video transcription

In this segment I'm gonna show you how to do a dutch braid. So it's very similar to a french braid. But instead of pulling your hair forward, we're gonna be actually be pulling your hair to the outside instead of the insides. So, what you want to start with is three equal pieces of hair from the top. So, one from the middle and one from each side of your head. OK, and you know what, I'm gonna actually just damp it in here a little bit. The hair is a little damp, it ends up sticking together a little nicer. You don't get a lot of pieces slipping out. If you have really fine hair you want to wet your hair quiet a bit more, so the pieces don't start slipping out. So, once you get three pieces, you take one of the sides and bring it underneath the middle of the hair and the middle piece now goes over to that side. Then you're gonna be grabbing some more hair from that side putting it together and then you're gonna be taking the piece from this side and bringing it underneath as well. And again, always trying to pull tightly. You want to take some hair from this side. So, again bring the hair underneath, grabbing more hair from this side. And again, a little slippery, pull the hair underneath and grab the hair from this side. What you're gonna start to see is you're gonna see a braid instead of inside the hair. It's gonna be actually pushed outside. OK. So grab a piece from this side. Goes underneath. Just keep grabbing pieces from either side and crossing them underneath and keep pulling the hair tight. Because often with this type of braid, it'll want to try to slip out on you especially when you get down to the bottom. Pulling it underneath. All the way as far as you want down at the bottom. Hold your hair into the pony tail holder. Again if you have little pieces like this that want to stick up, just get my little spritz. Nice natural looking inverted braid. Good, look in the front. If you want to see more of my up does, watch some more of my segments here on Expert Village.