Video transcription

OK, I've got my beaded side finished. Now I'm going to start with the sequins. And you do it basically the same way. You put a good amount of glue down, and just lay those sequins on the glue. And it's nice if you do it in sections so that you have a sort of mosaicked look, the distinct color changes. OK, it's nice to use color blocks of sequins or beads or whatnot to really have a nice mosaic look. You can do some with mixed colors and some with solid colors. See how nicely this is coming. We're going to add some feathers on here. You can use almost anything that you like -- feathers and fringes and laces and anything that appeals to you. And add more sequins down here. You want to vary the textures and the colors to really have an exciting mask. OK, we'll finish off by covering our skewer. We'll just wrap a pipe cleaner, around, around that skewer to cover it. You can put a dab of glue onto the skewer to hold that on. And you may want to add two pipe cleaners together. First twist them up together and then continue to wrap the skewer. You could also cover it with a tape or any other thing, although the fuzzy pipe cleaner gives it a nice texture. And just put a dab of glue at the end to secure that. And then we'll add up here, just a piece of tassel, around, you can add that around the skewer, around the stick for a nice look.