How to make a modroc mask

Yelisey Vovrzhenchik/Hemera/Getty Images

Modroc is a type of plaster-infused gauze bandage often used for arts and crafts projects. The bandages are activated with water, becoming pliable before hardening after a short time. Masks made with modroc can be as simple or elaborate as you need.

When your mask has dried, you can paint it with acrylic paints available at any hobby or arts and craft shop.

Set several sheets of newspaper on to a working surface.

Place a generic plastic mask on to the newspaper, held in place with masking tape. This will be the form that you build your mask on.

Brush the surface of the mask with a thin coat of petroleum jelly to serve as a release agent.

Cut several rolls of modroc into 12.5 cm (5 inch) strips.

Dip the first strip into a bowl of warm water, then squeeze out the excess water. Smooth the strip on to the plastic mask, working out any air bubbles that are trapped beneath it.

Cover the entire mask in modroc strips, overlapping them slightly to ensure full coverage. Leave the eyes open as much as possible.

Apply a second layer of overlapping strips.

Use additional modroc to build up surface details such as a pointed nose, horns or deep eye sockets. The modroc can be twisted into snakes, wadded into bunches or otherwise manipulated to get the shapes that you need.

Apply a final layer of smooth strips over the surface. This will give the mask a smooth skin, covering any lumpiness in the built-up forms.

Allow the mask to dry for two hours.

Remove the mask from the plastic one.

Trim any rough edges, including the eye holes, with a sharp pair of scissors. Use a hole punch to add a hole on each side for a string.

Paint the mask as desired with acrylic paints.

Tie a string to the two holes so you can wear the mask.