How to make a rhino horn with paper mache

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A rhino has an unusual double-horn on its head, possibly left over from prehistoric times. You can make a rhino horn for a child to wear from paper mache. Use this horn as part of a costume for a play or fancy dress party, or just as a fun playtime accessory for your children to wear any time of the year. This process will take about three days from start to finish because of the drying time required for the paper mache.

Draw the outline of a rhino mask on a paper plate. Cut the mask like a quarter-wedge slice of pie and round the point to make the rhino's nose. Cut out holes for the eyes and trim any sharp corners.

Punch two holes on either side of the mask. String a piece of elastic between the two holes so that the child can wear the mask once the horn is attached. The string will also hold the mask in a rounded shape.

Cut out a horn shape from soft foam. This will make the base of the paper mache horn and make shaping easier. Tape the foam horn to the middle of the mask to make the rhino horn. Add a second, smaller foam horn above the first horn to recreate the double-horn look that rhinos have.

Mix two parts water with one part glue. Tear the newspaper into 2.5 cm (1 inch) strips. Lay the strips over the base of the mask after dipping them in the glue mixture. Layer the mask with four layers of newsprint, covering the face of the mask, as well as the horn. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Repeat the layering and drying process two more times. When the mask is completely dry, paint the mask grey and the horns yellow-brown to look like real rhino horns. Allow the paint to dry before using the mask.

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