Video transcription

My name is Laura and I'm here to talk to you about canaries. Canaries are a little more difficult to sex than most birds. One of the biggest ways of sexing them is the males sing. The only problem with this is some females have been known to sing too. The best way to sex a canary is to check it's pelvic area. To sex a canary you need to take your finger and place it right in the middle of their pelvic area. A female canary is going to have a very wide pelvic area so that the eggs can pass through. A male canary is going to be very small in the pelvic region. Canaries are fairly easy to breed. The female canary is very dominant. Once the female has laid her eggs, the male is not allowed into the nest. Females have been known to attack and kill a male canary for getting into their nest. Canaries are very hard to keep breeding. Female canaries will lay eggs without a male around. These eggs are not fertile but she still continues to lay. Once you have a male and female breeding pair you should be able to get eggs once about every three months. Canary eggs are usually about the size of your pinkie finger when they're laid. They incubate anywhere from seven to twenty-one days. Once the eggs have hatched, six to eight weeks later the babies should be able to go out on their own. Canaries are a big seller, so breeding is a good thing. You can average anywhere from $30 to $40 even up to $100 dollars per canary depending on the type.