Video transcription

Hi! I'm Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village and we are showing you how to prepare just the basic lobster tail. I've got a single 4 ounce Main Lobster tail here and we've shown you how to crack the shell so that you pull it from left to right, expose the meat so that the meat is still attached to the base of the shell and then we just lay the meat back across the shell that we already made a cut into. It's a really nice presentation to use on a plate. So we use a basic mixture of some garlic salt and some herbs and I mixed that all together. I just kind of sprinkled it over the top of this guy and I've got some clarified butter here. I am just going to kind of drizzle that over the top. I don't want to brush it on there because I will brush away the seasonings that I put on there. So really I am just going to allow this clarified butter to just kind of drip across the top if you will. We are going to go ahead and put this straight into the oven. I've got it set on a broil setting which is a very high and intense heat. So you don't want to put this lobster tail directly up underneath that heat because you are going to dry it out and burn it. We are going to put it on a lower rack which you will be able to see here in the oven. That's at about the middle setting. We are going to throw him in there. Again, leave the rack on the middle setting. Don't raise it up to the top because this broiling heat is quite intense. So as soon as we start to get a little bit of color, it will start turning white around the edges and some of the clarified butter is going to have run off by then. As soon as we get a little bit of color, we will open the door again and pull the pan out and we will re-dabble him if you will with some butter. We will drizzle that over the top and throw him back in and then we will show you what the finished product will look like afterwards.