Video transcription

I'm Jim Koch and today we are talking about auto lockouts and today we are going to be talking about the slim jim. The slim jim is almost an obsolete tool these days but there are still a few vehicles out there that it works on. In this case, this van actually has the older style locks, so we are going to demonstrate how this works. We are going to go up to the vehicle, slip the tool in between the weather strip and the glass sliding it down in. I can't express the importance of how delicate of an operation this is. You have to be extremely careful. There are wires, all kinds of things in there that you can destroy with this tool. But basically once you are down in the door, you start sliding down and just kind of move the tool back and forth until you see the lock wiggle a little bit. Once you get into the door and find the rod and you find where it is making the door lock wiggle, basically you just got to work yourself around until you can hook that door lock and when you find it, give it a gentle pull up and there you go, your doors are unlocked. As you do this, like I said before I just can't stress the importance of how delicate of an operation this has to be and the fact that this will only work on cars with up style locks. So once you are unlocked, make sure your tools are unhooked, carefully pull it out and hopefully no wires come out with it and your door is unlocked, your customer is happy and everybody is good to go.