Ideas for 40th Anniversary Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary is a milestone event in any married couples lives. Whether it is for your own wedding anniversary with your significant other or for another couple, choose a thoughtful and romantic gift related to the traditional 40th anniversary theme of ruby. Give a traditional gift of ruby jewellery, or go with the modern theme of a ruby-coloured item or be unique with a ruby-inspired gift.

Traditional Ruby Gift

Choose a traditional ruby themed gift to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary by giving ruby jewellery. Options for women recipient's include ruby necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and broaches and a male recipient would enjoy ruby cuff links or a ruby embellished tie clip or money clip. If giving a gift to a couple, choose a ruby encrusted vase or decorative plate embellished with rubies and for a personalised touch, have the item engraved with the couple's name or wedding date.

Modern Ruby Gift

Select a modern ruby gift of a ruby coloured item to celebrate the milestone anniversary. Options that both men and women would enjoy, include ruby coloured clothing, such as shirts and dresses, accessories, likes shoes, hats, ties and purses or a favourite photo, such as a wedding photo, in a ruby red frame. For a romantic gift option for your significant other, purchase a ruby coloured vase and fill it with 40 long-stem red roses. A gift option for another couple would be to give a bottle of red wine with a pair of elegant red wine glasses.

Unique Ruby Gift

Opt to go to a ruby inspired destination for an unexpected and memorable anniversary trip for two. Choose to book a trip to a romantic vineyard that specialises in red wine and enjoy quality time together as you enjoy sampling wines and touring the scenic vineyard. Another option would be to visit the attraction Ruby Falls in Tennessee and go on a guided cave tour that leads over 1,100 feet below the surface, to see the country's largest underground waterfall.

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