Traditional Sikh Baby Gifts

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The birth of a Sikh baby is a time of great joy, and the parents often offer family and neighbours sweets to celebrate. According to RangBang.

net, a community project dedicated to spreading information about the Sikh religion, the maternal grandparents will offer a package of gifts, called a shushak, for the new arrival. The contents of the shushak may vary depending on the family, but some items are traditional.


The clothes given for the shushak may be handmade, or they may be purchased. Some grandparents give the new parents more elaborate baby clothes for holidays or special occasions, while others present clothes intended for day-to-day wear. According to the book "Birth," by Ronne Randall, clothes are also presented to the new parents and to any household servants that they might retain.

Silver Service Set

The shushak often includes a small silver service consisting of a silver spoon, a silver bowl and a silver plate. A drinking glass will also likely be included.


Money is traditionally a part of the shushak; it is presented to the new parents for the baby's care.


A gold ornament of some sort is presented to the baby. In times past boys were often thought to be more deserving of gold than girls, but today, many grandparents will give gold to both male and female grandchildren. Depending on the financial capacity of the grandparents presenting the gifts, gifts of gold for the mother and the paternal grandmother may also be included.