Polish Wedding Gifts

wedding celebration image by Warren Millar from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>

Polish weddings are often extravagant affairs that last up to three days. Both traditional and modern Polish weddings have elements similar to American weddings. Gifts for a Polish wedding range from traditional gifts that show off the couple's rich heritage to modern store-bought gifts like houseware.


Polish couples, like American couples, are never ungrateful for money. Most newlyweds are young, without a home or children. A lot of money given at Polish weddings often goes directly to the couple's shared dream for their future. Do not feel uncreative or generic when giving money to a couple at their wedding; the newlyweds will appreciate that you helped them achieve their dreams. Consider hiding money in items like the Polish version of Russian nesting dolls for a humorous touch that is a tip of the hat to the couple's heritage.


A wycinanki is a more traditional Polish wedding gift that can be handmade or purchased. A wycinanki is a type of art made from paper cutting. Traditional wycinanki cuttings include images of flowers, birds, hearts or deer and many colours. Giving the gift of a handmade wycinanki is a wonderful expression of your love for the couple and for their heritage. You may also purchase plates with traditional wycinanki designs for an updated version of this wedding gift.


Among the more modern Polish wedding gifts are linens. Linens come in a variety of colours, thread counts and price ranges. Gifts for the home are very common at weddings. If the couple posted a registry at a local store, see if they asked for any specific thread types or colours. If not, you can consider buying colours the couple like or colours that match the decor of their home or apartment.