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Gifts for the Accident Prone

Updated April 17, 2017

Gifts for the accident-prone person in your life can add laughter to birthday celebrations and a variety of occasions. Although items fitting for klutzy-natured individuals can make great gag gifts, some are practical and can amuse recipients every time they're used. Perfect gift items for clumsy friends or family members can be found online or at local gag gift or speciality stores.

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Explanation Bandages

Bandages labelled with explanations such as "sword fight", "shark bite" or "jousting" can make great gag gifts for an accident-prone friend or family member of any age. These items can light up any unfortunate incident that calls for care and save recipients time in explaining their injury to others. Explanation bandages come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit an assortment of injuries and preferences and often come in a humorous aluminium container that is perfect for a comical display.

An Abundant Supply of Tape, Glue and Apology Stationary

No one knows better than an accident-prone individual how important keeping a supply of fix-it items is. You can give these items in a gift basket or decorate each item with a ribbon and place them in a toolbox decorated with caution decals. An assortment of tapes, such as masking and electrical, and glues, such as crazy and wood crafting, can be found at hardware and craft supply stores. Apology stationary can include blank note cards and envelopes with stickers with expressions such as "did it again", "oops" and "sorry about that one".

Caution Sign and Tape

Gifting a caution sign and caution tape can spark laughter at birthday celebrations for the accident-prone kid or teen in your life. Authentic road caution signs purchased from a speciality dealer can be cool decal gifts perfect for hanging on bedroom or game room walls. Caution tape can be wrapped around the caution sign or be a unique addition to the gift-wrap. For a cheaper and more comical option, make a caution sign using cardboard and paint and add flourishes of caution tape as a finishing touch.

Helmet and Kneepads

This gag gift can be easy and fun to personalise and is perfect for a clumsy person who always seems to take a spill. A helmet and kneepads can be personalised with caution stickers or decals with funny expressions such as "watch out" or "klutz alert." The pair of items is a great birthday or Christmas gift, especially for the athletic klutzes in your life, and can be purchased from sporting goods stores in biking and rollerblading departments. Prices vary per brand and style.

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