Japanese Anniversary Gifts

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The culture, art and plant life of Japan offer many gift choices for a couple celebrating an anniversary. Many of the Japanese gifts coordinate with the traditional gifts and items associated with the various years of marriage in Western culture, while others offer modern, yet meaningful, choices for anniversary gifts.


Japanese artwork lends itself well to romantically inspired gifts. Give your sweetheart a Japanese origami piece that reflects love and virtue, such as a crane or a rose. Choose a Japanese symbol that represents a virtue or sentiment of your relationship, such as marital trust or a simply love. Frame the symbol and hang it in your home as a reminder of the virtue that adds beauty to your home's decor.


For a wedding anniversary that utilises a fabric in celebration -- such as the 12th anniversary that incorporates silk or the second anniversary that incorporates cotton or calico -- choose a Japanese-style piece to reflect the sentiment. For example, choose a traditional Japanese kimono in either silk or cotton, depending on the anniversary you are closest to, as a gift to mark the celebration. Choose colours and embroideries to mark other anniversaries. For example, with the 50th anniversary marking the gold anniversary, choose a kimono that exemplifies gold detailing and embroidery. With the 13th anniversary's traditional gift of textiles, this marks the kimono as an exotic gift that exemplifies the tradition.

Tea Set

For an elegant and useful addition to the couple's decor, choose a traditional Japanese tea set as an anniversary gift. The gift choice can serve as a reminder of their love and many years together in marital bliss as they brew their morning tea together in the tea set. The tea set can also be displayed in the home as an exotic and sentimental aspect of the home decor.


Choose an Asian-style plant such as a potted bamboo plant or Japanese orchid as a way to express your sentiments for a wedding anniversary. Living plants can represent the growing and thriving love of a couple when presented as a gift. Include a note with the gift that expresses your hopes that the gifted plant will grow as the couple's love has grown over the years. As the couple watches the progression and thriving beauty of the plant, they will be reminded of the beauty and growth of the love shared between them.

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