Ideas for decorating your stairway landing

Updated April 17, 2017

Every space in your home can reflect beauty, order, creativity, and personality. Even small or seemingly insignificant places can add a special flavour or touch or reflect an aspect of your family's interests and hobbies. One such often-overlooked space is the stairway landing.

Decide on your colour scheme

Choose the colour palette for your landing. Consider using colours, patterns, or themes that are already in use in the main living spaces in your home. You could also choose something monochromatic that is distinct from the rest of your home decor. Keep in mind this is a space most guests will see, so whatever you decide, make it interesting and appealing -- make them want to come upstairs.

How much space do you have?

Determine how much space you have on your landing to work with that doesn't impede traffic flow to rooms or closets. Consider putting a small bench, stool, or bookshelf if there is enough space. This small piece can be used as the foundation for other decor. If there isn't space for a small piece, then consider finding a larger vase or jar to hold floral stems or be the centrepiece of the space. You can build the rest of your decor around your centrepiece item.

Build on your centrepiece

Once you have selected your centrepiece, whether shelf, stool, bench, vase or other item, decide what items you will use to accessorise. Use pillows, throws, rugs, or window treatments, if your landing has a window, to introduce your colour scheme and build on your centrepiece. You can use complementing patterns and colours as opposed to matching ones to add interest and variety. If you are using a vase or jar, select floral stems that coordinate with the overall look and feel of your landing decor. Consider using branches, feathers or other woodsy stems if you don't like the look of flowers.

Wall hangings and other accessories

If you have wall space on your landing use a variety of items to add interest to your basic colour scheme. Pictures, wall hangings, iron candle holders, antique items, small shelves, shadow boxes, and other such items add interest to your stairway landing and in some cases provide storage space for interesting collections or knick-knacks.

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