What colours look best in a kitchen with sage green walls?

Written by kristine tucker | 13/05/2017
What colours look best in a kitchen with sage green walls?
Accent colours harmonise with sage green walls in a kitchen. (Getty Images)

The kitchen is usually the most frequently visited room in the house, so it needs to be comfortable, friendly and relaxing. Kitchen walls that have been painted sage green provide a welcoming addition to a room design. To complement sage green kitchen walls, you have several options for accent colours that will bring balance and harmony to your kitchen decor.

Shades of white or off-white

Due to the warmth of sage green, it can be used with white or off-white accent colours for a lively contrasting kitchen design. White, eggshell, off-white and beige are neutral colours that help to balance the depth of colour in sage green. Shades of white provide a strong contrast that is clean and crisp in a kitchen design. White cupboards, furniture, appliances and decorative accents can provide modern appeal in a kitchen that has sage green walls.

Vivid red hues

Due to the soft, muted appeal of sage green, red can be used as an attractive accent colour in a kitchen design. Red is vivid and dramatic, so it can be used to brighten muted kitchen walls. Shades of red including burgundy, cherry, apple and strawberry will generally look best as accent colours. Avoid using red shades that have pink or purple hues as complementary colours in a kitchen with sage green walls. Decorative accents, clocks, placemats, curtains, flowers, dishes and tableware in red hues can add drama to a kitchen design.

Golden yellow colours

Warm golden yellow shades add a sense of cheerfulness and energy in a sage green kitchen. Due to a hint of yellow in the colour sage green itself, golden yellow accent colours are complementary and appealing. Choose yellow shades like honeysuckle and amber that are soft and muted to blend with sage green. Avoid shades of yellow that are too bright like canary, buttercup and sunshine yellow. Golden jewel-toned shades of yellow add a sense of warmth and hospitality to a kitchen with sage green walls.

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