Sweet Packaging Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Packaging sweets is one way to personalise a gift. There are several ways to give treats, and selecting the packaging allows the gift giver to customise the gift even further. The presentation is a main part of the gift giving experience. Allow your gift to stand out by choosing tailored packaging to complement the sweets you are giving.

Decorative Tins

Decorative tins provide an attractive solution for packaging homemade sweets. Decorative tins can be found for almost any occasion or holiday. When packing sticky treats, spread a sheet of waxed paper between stacks of candy to prevent pieces from sticking together.

Gift Bags

Gift bags come in a large selection of colours and styles. Wrap treats in clear or coloured cellophane before placing them into a gift bag. Unwrapped treats may become stale if placed into a gift bag without being properly sealed. Adorn the bag by using coloured tissue paper and ribbon to match the colours or theme of your sweet treats.


Use an unusual or colourful glass jar to encase small candies or do-it-yourself cookie and brownie kits. You can even reuse old glass jars after washing them out thoroughly. Place small candies into the jar and tie a ribbon or bow around the lid. For do-it-yourself kits, layer the ingredients and seal the jar tightly. Decorate the lid using ribbon or twine, and make sure to secure a card with directions for making the treats to the ribbon.

Cupcake Boxes

Place homemade cookies, cupcakes or cakes inside a cupcake box. Decorate the box using paint, glitter and ribbons. Secure the sides of the box using clear tape and attach a bow to the top. Print photos of you and the gift recipient on standard printer paper, and glue them to the outside of the box for a special way to display the treats.


Stuff an oversized mug with small candies or finely cut brownies. Wrap pieces individually with cellophane to place them inside and keep items fresh. Choose a mug that fits the gift-giving theme, such as a mug with a present on it for birthday treats or a holiday mug for Christmas treats.

Felt Stockings

Fill a felt stocking with a variety of sweets. Typically, stockings are associated with Christmas, but with the right decorations they can be used for other occasions, such as baby showers and birthday parties. Slide prepackaged treats inside, or wrap homemade items individually before placing them in the stocking.


Arrange a goody basket with cookies, cupcakes or brownies. Each can be wrapped individually in coloured cellophane. Place them in a basket on top of tissue paper. Position the tissue paper in layers overlapping the top of the basket, and fill in bare spots with small candies. Any size basket can work, depending on the amount of goodies you plan to put inside.

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