Ideas for Christening Cakes

Updated November 21, 2016

A christening is another name for a baptism, according to the Church of England. Children and adults can go through this Christian ceremony. When baking a cake to celebrate a Christening, keep the person's age in mind to help choose flavours and decorations. You can decorate an infant's cake with pink or blue icing while an adult may prefer a cake with her favourite colour or flavour of icing.

Open Book Cake

Recreate a religious text in cake form to celebrate the christening with an inspirational message. You can use a book-shaped pan to form the cake or use any rectangle-shaped pan.

Create the cover of the book with a piece of cardboard or a cake board slightly larger than the cake. You can cover this piece of cardboard with rolled fondant for added decoration. If you are using a plain, rectangle-shaped cake, lay it on the cover and gently carve the cake with a serrated knife until it resembles an open book. Ice the cake with white icing to represent pages of the book or cover the cake with white fondant. Pipe icing onto the cake to add text to the book in the form of a favourite bible quote, the recipient's name or other message.

Cross Cake

A cross cake is appropriate for a christening and is easy to make even if you do not have a cross-shaped cake pan. Bake a cake in a rectangular cake pan. You can use a 9-inch by 13-inch cake pan for small gatherings or a half-sheet pan for a large celebration. Cut the baked and cooled cake in half the long way to form two long rectangles of cake. Now you can use one full rectangle to form the vertical part of the cross. Cut the remaining rectangle into pieces to form the horizontal part of the cross and add height to the vertical part, if necessary. Don't worry about making a mess as you form the cross because a thick layer of frosting will hide all crumbs and smooth out the shape of your cross cake.

Stained Glass Cake

Add a stained glass effect to a plain cake or use this technique to decorate your open book or cross cake. Create the appearance of stained glass with decorating gels. Look for these edible and brightly coloured products in the baking aisle of grocery stores or cake decorating aisles in craft and big-box stores.

Pipe an outline of the desired stained glass area with buttercream or royal icing. This will prevent the decorating gel from oozing over the sides of the cake and creating a mess. When the piped outline is slightly dry and crusted to the touch, pipe the decorating gel onto the cake in your desired pattern.

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