Living Room Wall Paint Ideas to Go With Black Furniture

Written by erin schreiner | 13/05/2017
Living Room Wall Paint Ideas to Go With Black Furniture
Select a hue to pair with your black furniture pieces. (Yagi Studio/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

While it may seem that selecting a living room paint hue to pair with black furniture would be simple, in truth, picking a colour to complement this dominant tone can present a challenge. When selecting the proper wall colour for your black furniture-filled living room, determine the feel that you would like the finished space to have as well as what degree of contrast you would like between the furniture and your painted walls.

Stark White

By pairing your black furniture with stark white walls, you can create an attention-getting contrast. If you opt for this wall colour, select prints featuring black and white colour combinations to use to create throw pillows, place a black and white geometric rug on your floor, or pick black and white art to place on your living room walls and break up the potentially oppressive expanse of white walls.

Cool Gray

Painting your living room walls grey gives your room a cool and contemporary feel. Select a slate grey or metal-inspired grey tone to create this effect. Avoid greys with blue or purple undertones as these hues may clash with your black. If you select grey for your wall hue, add silver metal or stone accents around the space, or place grey accent pillows on the black furniture to carry the colour down off the walls.

Deep Plum

Deep plum walls paired with black furniture will give your living room space a regal, rich feeling. Select a rich purple to splash on all of your walls or, if your room is small or you want a less dominant look, paint only one accent wall with this rich hue. Select printed fabrics with a mixture of dark and light purple shades, or floral accents featuring purple blooms, to add to your space.

Rich Red

Give your black furniture-filled space a kick of colour by selecting a rich red to cover your walls. Select one dominant wall in your space to cover with this bold hue. Avoid reds with an orange undertone, and opt instead for pure reds or reds with a slightly darker, crimson tine. Mix in pops of white by adding white accent pillows or a rug and artwork that contain black, white and red to create a tricolour space that has a contemporary, contrast-heavy feel.

Water-Inspired Aqua

Select an aqua hue to give your room a water-inspired, rich look. Pick a bold aqua, or opt instead for a more pastel version of the hue. Place pictures featuring rich bodies of water on your walls to reflect this hue selection and make your liquid theme more apparent. Place a rug in a complementary aqua hue on your floor to finish off your space and pull this colour down from your wall surfaces.

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