Brown & Peach Bathroom Color Scheme Decorating Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you want to add warmth to a cool-toned or neutral bathroom, choose a brown and peach colour scheme. The contrasting hues balance themselves out while creating a pleasing decorating palette. Add an airy touch to a dark brown bathroom with sweet peach accents, or use brown to ground a space featuring an overload of pastel peach.

Nature-Inspired Decor

Create a nature-inspired bathroom decor theme using rich brown and frothy peach. Use flowers, gardens and other natural items as inspiration. Set the tone for a sweet style by painting the bathroom walls a soft peach hue. Hang a chocolate brown shower curtain featuring peach tulip and white rose designs. A soft brown bath mat will add a coordinating touch. For an elegantly casual look, install burnished gold towel racks and decorate them with plush brown bath towels. Top the bath towels with white washcloths featuring peach flower embroidery details. Liven up the walls with wood-framed pictures of birds, flowers or garden landscapes. Enhance the sink with a hand-painted ceramic soap dish featuring peach flower designs.

Elegant Design

Combine dark brown and soft peach decor elements with rich gold accents for an elegant style. The opulent colour combination will give a bathroom a rich glow. Create the look by painting the walls a creamy ecru colour for an upscale look. Choose an ornate brocade shower curtain featuring swirls of chocolate brown, peach and shimmery gold. Install shiny gold towel racks and accent them with fluffy brown bath towels featuring monogram details in gold thread. Coordinating gold bathroom accessories, such as a soap dish, toothbrush holder and tissue cover, will add to the classy look. As a natural air freshener, decorate a vanity table with a vintage milk glass vase filled with peach tulips or roses.

Bright Accents

As an unexpected but eye-pleasing touch, accent a muted brown and peach colour scheme with pops of turquoise. The bright blue-green hue will infuse the bathroom with lively colour. Use the turquoise decor touches sparingly, to create an eclectic, rather than garish, look. Paint the walls a white or cream colour to avoid an over-the-top look. A shower curtain featuring watercolour-inspired swirls of chocolate brown, deep peach and turquoise will have an artistic appeal. Roll brown bath towels on a wall shelf or in a basket and choose a coordinating bath mat. Display live plants in vibrant, hand-painted turquoise pots.

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