Decorating colours that go with brown leather furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Leather furniture is a great investment. It's timeless, durable and easy to clean. Brown leather furniture promises years of use, both for its long-wearing quality and because brown is a colour that adapts well to changing decor trends, lending itself well to a variety of accent colours and styles. One of brown leather's best qualities is the fact that it acts almost as a blank canvas, allowing you to decorate around it with almost any colour.

Earth tones

Earth tones such as tan, fern green, burnt orange and sunflower yellow are natural accents for brown, which is also an earth tone, and coordinate well with brown leather.

Accent brown leather furniture with area rugs that incorporate earth tones, brightened by sunny yellow or bright orange curtains and throw pillows. Tan or a lighter yellow on the walls makes brown leather furniture stand out, but avoid using just tans and yellows with brown. Unless you add touches of brighter colours, the result is often drab.

Using earth tones with brown leather furniture is also a good idea if you like animal prints and safari style. Leopard prints pillows against brown leather furniture add an exotic touch, for instance.


When using leather furniture in a deep chocolate brown, think of brown as being like black -- a neutral ready to be punched up with bright tones.

Almost any bright colour can be used with deep brown, from hot pink to rich turquoise to lime green and rich red to add contemporary style to leather furniture. Using a bright colour on the walls will add a dramatic backdrop for brown furniture, as will bright area rugs.

To avoid a kaleidoscope effect, stick with one or two brights instead of using everything in the crayon box. If you plan to use a bright colour on the wall or as an area rug, use one or the other. Too much colour can overwhelm your room.


Incorporate brown leather furniture into contemporary, transitional or traditional design by pairing it with neutrals such as white, cream, taupe and even black.

Stark white or cream walls make a dramatic backdrop for brown leather furniture, especially when accented with silver, gold or glass accessories. Splashes of brighter colours, such as earth tones or brights, paired with neutrals provide interest.

Pairing neutrals with soothing colours like robin's egg blue, gold, salmon pink or mint green adds elegance to a room. And with brown leather furniture, it makes for a classic or traditional colour scheme.

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