80th birthday cake ideas

Updated August 11, 2017

An 80th birthday party is a chance to celebrate the celebrant's entire life, and bring together family and friends to cherish the person's special day. Part of making the celebration special is to provide the right cake for the occasion. Using both your own creativity and their life experience, you can create an 80th birthday cake that is memorable and delicious.

Treasure Chest Cake

A treasure chest cake is both symbolic and fun. It symbolises the treasured moments that the 80th birthday boy or girl has amassed within their life. It is fun because it's a cake topped with candy. Bake a rectangular cake and cover it with brown icing. On top of the cake, add golden chocolate coins, candy necklaces, candy rings and other monetary-themed toys or candy. Below the all the treasure treats, write a birthday message. Add candles all over the top of the cake, or if you want to make it adventurous, place some live sparklers on top.

80 Cake

This cake takes 80 literally. The cake is actually three different cakes placed together and requires a rectangular cake pan and a round cake pan that is half the rectangular one's length. Bake two cakes with the round cake pan and one with the rectangular. Cut off the edges of the rectangular one so that the edges are rounded. Place the 2 round cakes next to each other, and place the rectangular cake to the right of the 2 round cakes. The cakes should look like the numbers "80." Frost the cakes with a light-coloured frosting and use a darker colour to fill the holes of the "8" and "0."

Memories Cake

Use the cake as a backdrop to showcase an important event from the birthday celebrant's life. With 80 years under their belt, they have seen and been a part in many important events, so choose one that is more personalised. If man's landing on the moon was one of the more important things that they witnessed, then create the landing on a cake, using astronaut action figures and a lunar module toy. If it was the falling of the Berlin Wall, then you could also recreate that on top of a cake with a miniature wall across the top of the cake with a section missing from it. Also, you could also use childhood memories, like a toy of an early model automobile decorating the top or a model of one of the first aeroplanes.

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