Funny Gag Gifts for Men

Updated February 21, 2017

Choose to give a funny gag gift to a man in your life -- whether it be your dad, brother or husband -- and poke fun at their age, sense of humour or hobbies. Gag gifts are supposed to be funny for everyone involved, so be sure to keep in mind the recipient's sensitivity level and if they can take a joke or not, because the last thing you want to do is give an offensive gift.

Over-the-Hill Gag Gifts

Over-the-hill gag gifts are a classic choice, whether the recipient is actually old, just turned a milestone age, such as 30 or you are just looking to poke fun. Choose to joke about their age by giving a pack of adult diapers, a cane, fake hearing aid or a set of false teeth. Or jest about their eyesight with jumbo-sized playing cards, large-print book or a gigantic remote control.

Bathroom Gag Gifts

Give a bathroom-related gag gift to keep a guy entertained while he's doing his "business." One funny option would be a roll pre-printed toilet paper, which come in a variety of themes, such as printed with pictures of controversial people, crossword puzzles, funny sayings and frustrating no-tear rolls. Sports fans might enjoy a miniature golf putting green, and most men like bathroom reading material, so choose a humour-related book with jokes or funny stories.

Juvenile Gag Gifts

There is no shortage of juvenile and gross gag gifts, so choose to give a present that will shock, disgust and tickle the recipients funny bone. Obvious choices are fake vomit, faeces and spray cans that spray revolting smells or you can choose an item to fool the recipient such as fake lottery tickets or fake money (just make sure they get the joke and do not try to cash in the ticket or spend the money).

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