35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A couple's 35th wedding anniversary is traditionally associated with a present based on or made from coral. However, with an updated anniversary year-by-year guide you can now give you loved one the more modern gift of jade. Both coral and jade are precious materials that--on their own--will no doubt delight your spouse. But, think a little outside the box and you could give a 35th wedding anniversary gift that is also practical and personal.

Gifts for Him

Because jade is such a colourful and standout stone, you might consider giving your husband a piece of jewellery encrusted with the green gem. For example, spruce up his suit by giving him a pair of jade cuff links or a tie clip. UK-based company Ping Ping specialise in jewellery that has been made or fastened with jade, coral and pearl. It offers jade pendants, which are shaped into green discs or squares and then intricately decorated with miniature items such as dragons or stars. You may consider a present for the home such as a jade mantelpiece clock or--to make things really personal--a jade pendant engraved with your anniversary date or with both your names.

Gifts for Her

Give your loved one the gift of some glamorous coral jewellery because--no matter her tastes--there are plenty of different types and styles available. Coral is traditionally manufactured in a deep, dark red and compliments the silver of the jewellery it is set with. For example, you could give your wife a coral and silver bracelet, a set of red coral earrings or--not in silver--a red coral and white pearl choker. To keep the romantic vibe strong you might also consider purchasing a set of red coral earrings that have been sculpted into roses. Also, think a little outside the box by giving her some coral-shade lipstick, which can vary from a light peach-orange colour to deep and creamy rouges. If jade is the stone you are going for then consider jewellery again: this time though expect to find olive and green colours mixed with black or silver.

A Romantic Vacation

Think really outside the box by giving your loved one a trip to see coral in its natural form, such as on one of the many coral reefs around the world. One aptly-named island you might consider is Coral Island, south of Phuket in Thailand. Known locally as Koh Hae, the island features two main beaches--Banana Beach and Long Beach--and offers plenty of opportunities to see the natural coral with snorkelling and diving facilities on the island. Similarly, you might consider taking a romantic trip to any of the vast coral reefs east of Australia on the Great Barrier Reef, which can be seen from space and is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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