Funny Things to Put in a Birthday Card

Written by katelyn coyne | 13/05/2017
Funny Things to Put in a Birthday Card
Funny birthday wishes are a great gift. (happy birthday image by Pefkos from

Receiving birthday cards can be a really exciting part of celebrating another year on Earth. Sending the perfect card to that special someone lets them know that you care and wishes them well on their special day. No gift is better than giving your friend a hearty laugh with a funny card. This year take the laughter one step further with funny inserts in their birthday card.


Confetti can be bought or made cheaply. Pick unique shapes from your neighbourhood party store, or cut up colourful pieces of paper for a homemade creation. Buy or make your birthday card and write that special message. For example, "Every good party needs a good mess." Then sprinkle your confetti of choice in the card and envelope. Seal with a smile, knowing that your friend will eagerly open the card, spilling the confetti everywhere.


Everyone sends cash or checks with their birthday wishes. This year, trick your friend with an little "I owe you" note. Fill out a voided check. Pay to the order of "The Birthday Boy or Girl" in the amount of "IOU, claimable upon the next visit together". For the friend with a good heart, they'll get a little chuckle from your faux monetary gift.

Temporary Tattoos

Being a kid on your birthday, regardless of your age, is important. Temporary tattoos may seem like child's play, but they can be unexpectedly fun for the birthday boy or girl. Include a message like, "You never had the guts to get one; this year tell everyone its real." Let the birthday boy play a practical joke on those around them, by tricking their friends and family into thinking they've tattooed themselves. Again, laughter is the best gift.

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