Living Room Curtain Ideas for a Black Couch

Updated February 21, 2017

No matter what your design tastes, you can use a black couch as the centrepiece for your living room by choosing curtains that work with the fabrics and colours to create your desired atmosphere. As you design the room, look for curtains that will set off the couch and tie it together with other room elements for a cohesive look.


For a stylish, contemporary living room, use white curtains to set off a black couch. In a small room, look for sheer white curtains that will not cut off the line of sight, creating the sense of additional space. In larger rooms, you can choose heavier curtains or drapes made of canvas or linen, depending on the carpet and other furniture items. White curtains can keep a black couch from overpowering a dark room.

Bold and Modern

For a modern look, complement a black couch with coloured curtains. Choose red curtains for a bold, dramatic statement, and use white walls and floors to keep the couch and curtains from overwhelming the room. With this scheme, you can use almost any saturated, pure colour to create a similar statement that suits your design preferences. Green and white curtains add a bright, fresh touch, while pink curtains can create a trendy feeling, and deep gold curtains lend a sophisticated air to a room.


If your apartment has plenty of natural lighting, look for rich purple curtains to go with a black couch. With enough light, the darker shade will not create a cave-like feeling, but will give a royal, lush feeling to the room. For an over-the-top look of luxury, find deep purple curtains in shiny, metallic or textured fabrics. If you want to create a less ostentatious look, find curtains in a soft, matt material, or choose filmy sheers.


To reduce contrast and create a soft look with a black couch, choose curtains in natural colours. Look for pale beige or sand-coloured curtains that will show off the couch without making a dramatic statement. Choose fabrics in soft textures, which will play down the drama of a black couch. When paired with rich naturals, you can make a black couch the centrepiece of a sophisticated, elegant living room.


If your black couch is in a living room with white walls and flooring, you can add a dramatic touch with patterned black and white curtains. For additional drama, look for a print that uses touches of red or another colour, like yellow, teal or blue. You can also use grey and white curtains for slightly less contrast; they will still make the black couch pop, but will not be as visually chaotic. Patterns are best used in rooms that are mostly monochromatic because they add a pop of interest without overpowering the room.

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