What Colors Match With Yellow

Written by bailey shoemaker richards | 13/05/2017
What Colors Match With Yellow
Yellow can be a great colour for decorating. (yellow tulip on yellow image by Photosani from Fotolia.com)

Yellow is a bright, sunny colour that can add a great deal of openness to any room. However, finding colours that match with it can be a challenge for any decorator. Fortunately, there are some basic colour schemes and patterns that go very well with yellow.

Black and White

What Colors Match With Yellow
Black, white and yellow go well together. (Black and white background image by Bluebird from Fotolia.com)

Black, white and yellow go very well together. A room with yellow walls can be accented with chic black and white items or patterns on the wall, which creates a modernistic and slick look for any room. Alternatively, yellow can be used to accent a black or white room to add a few bright spots of colour. Black, white and yellow complement each other very well in any room of the house.


What Colors Match With Yellow
Yellow and green go well together. (Yellow and green shelves image by Charlie Rosenberg from Fotolia.com)

Yellow and green go well together and can be used to create a number of themes for a room. Lush, dark greens create a rainforest feel, especially if you select leaf patterns and shapes. Lighter greens can create a pastel colour scheme, which is especially pleasing in children's rooms. There are many shades of green that go very well with yellow. Adding green stripes or accents to a yellow room is a great way to add colour.

Blue and White

What Colors Match With Yellow
Yellow, white and blue create a beautiful colour scheme. (public yellow-blue telephone image by Slyadnyev Oleksandr from Fotolia.com)

Combining yellow, blue and white creates a very classic feel to any room. These three colours are often found in old country homes and in Country French decorating schemes. Combining white walls with porcelain accents and white and blue patterned pillows and artwork can create a very chic feel, or a very rustic feel, especially when combined with hardwood floors or wooden furniture. Yellow goes very well with white and blue in any room.

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