Unique Baby Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Baby birthday cakes can help ring in a new year of life for a little one, and can be done up in a number of unique ways to help mark the special day. Depending on your choice, you can opt to make a small cake for baby with a similar larger one for guests, or simply make one cake for everyone. Whatever you choose, some unique ideas for baby birthday cakes can help yield memorable and adorable results.

Children's Block Cake

Cakes in the shape of children's blocks are cute confections that can turn toys into treats. You can buy cake pans in block shapes at some bakery supply stores, or bake four or five square-shaped cakes and stack them to make the block. Ice the cake with white frosting, then embellish with block letters. To personalise the cakes, you can do block letters in the baby's initials. You can make a smaller block for baby to enjoy with a larger one for guests.

Stacking Ring Cake

A stacking ring birthday cake, made in the shape of the classic baby toy that has large-to-small rings stacked up on a post, is another idea that can be used for a baby birthday cake. Bake five circular cakes of different sizes and stack one upon the other going from largest on the bottom to smallest on the top, then frost each layer in the different colours of the rainbow to resemble different rings. One idea is to reserve the smallest little ring at the top for baby, and allow other party goers to dine on the rest.

Cube Cake

For a cake made just for baby to enjoy, try a cube cake. Bake a rectangular or square-shaped cake and cut it into small cubes, say about 1 inch by 1 inch. Stack the cubes together, using icing to adhere them to one another, in whatever shape you choose, such as a star, heart or even the first letter of the baby's name. Ice the entire stack of cubes however you choose. These cakes are great for baby's first birthday because a baby's small hands can grab the tiny cubes and get smaller bites, instead of a normal cake where they may get large fistfuls and crumble cake all over the place.

Birth Certificate Cake

For a nostalgic cake idea, use the baby's birth certificate as cake decor Head to your local bakery and have them make a sheet cake. Instead of using a photo of the baby, which is a common idea, have them scan the baby's birth certificate and put that on the cake. This is a good idea for a baby's first birthday, as they can highlight how much the little one has grown in their first life. Another idea is to do this as a welcome home cake for mommy and baby.

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