Hairstyles for balding guys

Baldness is often associated with ageing. However, male pattern baldness is actually quite common and many younger men experience it as well. Men's styles and fashions have become more accepting of the affliction, and hair stylists are creating more hairstyles for balding guys. No matter what pattern your hair is receding in you can find a modern and contemporary hairstyle to compliment your look.


If your hairline is receding only in the sections just above your eyes--leaving a pointy patch at the centre of the forehead--you're a good candidate for a mohawk style. This contemporary "cutting-edge" style is most popular among guys who like a punk-rock look. To create a mohawk hairstyle, shave your entire head leaving only a strip of hair--about 1 to 2 inches wide--in the centre of your head from the forehead to the neck. Grow your mohawk as long as you like and use a sticky hair gel, mousse or glue to make it stand up in spiky strands.

Faux Hawk

If your hair is receding above the eyes but a Mohawk is a bit too extreme for your taste, try a more subdued version of the style. The faux hawk hairstyle is clipper-trimmed close to the scalp all around the sides and back, and neatly shaved around the ears. The centre section of hair on top of the head--nearest to the forehead--is cut about 2 to 3 inches long. Use a styling aid to comb the longer section forward and up and finger style to create a thick spike at the hairline.

Buzz Cut

For guys who want to minimise the appearance of a receding hairline without the hassle of frequent styling, a buzz cut is a convenient option. This carefree style requires virtually no maintenance outside of periodical visits to the barber shop. The hair is clipper-cut very close to the scalp all around leaving only a fraction of an inch of length. Stray hairs at the neck are shaved completely for a neat and clean appearance. You can wear the buzz cut style with or without sideburns and can do it yourself at home with a pair clippers.

Clean-Shaven Head

Many contemporary men's fashions include completely shaven heads. If your male pattern balding stretches beyond a receding hairline and you're left with just a few random patches of hair, consider shaving your head. Smooth bald scalps are becoming more and more common in men's fashions, even among guys with full heads of hair. A popular fashion trend for men these days is to completely shave their heads and adorn their faces with neatly sculpted beards, goatees and various styles of facial hair.


If you have a thick amount of hair on the sides and back of your head, you may be able to create a comb-over hairstyle. Cut the back and sides as you usually would but on the thicker side leave the top layer--closest to your bald patch--several inches longer. When styling your hair comb the long layer sideways over the head to conceal the bald patch. Use a gel, mousse or sticky hairspray to adhere the hair to your head and prevent fly-aways.

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