The Most Popular Paint Colors for Living Room Walls

Updated March 23, 2017

Paint is an inexpensive and effective way to create the feeling you desire in your living room. While no two living rooms have exactly the same decor, there are some paint colours that work best when it comes to covering living room walls. To pick a colour to use when coating your walls, consider some of the most popular choices and determine if any of these options match your decorating style.

Neutral Tans

Decorators who want their walls to be more of a neutral backdrop and less of a statement-making room element often choose to paint walls in tan hues. This choice is effective for individuals who have an array of busy furniture pieces. This is also a good choice if the homeowner is considering selling her property in the near future, as buyers often prefer neutral tones.

Muted Grays

Homeowners who want living rooms with a contemporary feel often select grey tones. Gray tones pair well with black or metallic accents and give the living room a cool, minimalist feel. When selecting a grey, pick a deep shade that is clearly grey instead of a shade that could pass as a dirty white, as the purpose in painting walls grey is to make a statement, not make it appear that they are badly in need of a cleaning.

Buttery Yellows

Warm yellows are ideal for individuals looking to craft a soft and inviting space. Homeowners who opt for country-themed decor may find buttery yellow walls appealing. By selecting a creamy yellow hue, a homeowner can keep the room moderately neutral yet still place a noticeable and striking hue on the room walls.

Earthy Greens

Green hues pair well with living rooms that prominently feature natural accents and earthy textures. Homeowners who opt for rough wood furniture, textural fabric and rock or water accents often enjoy the feel that green walls create. When attempting to create an earthy space with green, go with a colour with mossy undertones, so that the colour is not mistaken for a mint green or similar hue.

Bold Accent Hues

Instead of washing the whole room in colour, paint one dominant accent wall to give the living room decor a pop of colour. When considering a dark blue, bold crimson or bright orange hue, use this dominant colour on only one wall, as using it on all walls could give the room an oppressive feel. The practice of painting one wall as a bold accent wall is particularly effective if a decorator or homeowner is attempting to pull the hue out of the print from a sofa or give an otherwise bland room a little more character.

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