Cellophane Wrapping Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

When giving a gift, the packaging can show as much thought as the gift itself. Traditional clear cellophane is a quick and thrifty way to wrap a gift, but it can border on boring. Adding a few small personalizations to your cellophane package will show your friends and family that you are familiar with their personal preferences and personality.


Wrapping a gift with clear cellophane will make for a nice presentation, but to up the wow factor of your gift, choose a variety of coloured cellophane sheets. Place them underneath the gift in a layered fashion. The colours you choose could be the favourite colours of the recipient or could match the gift inside the package. Gather the sheets and tie with a coordinating bunch of ribbons. For the finishing touch, tuck a few stems of the recipient's favourite flower or herb, such as lavender, into the ribbon.


For small trinkets, consider placing them into a pre-made cellophane bag. These come in clear, tinted, and printed varieties. Personalise the bags with puffy paints before filling. Add the recipients name or other appropriate words. For example, for a Valentine's present, decorate the bag with hearts and the words associated with love. Be sure to allow the paint to dry before adding contents to the bag. To finish the gift, add a coordinating gift tag and matching ribbon.


Consider placing the gift in a basket before wrapping. Or, get even more creative by placing the gift in an unusual item tailored to the recipient's likes. For example, if you are giving a piece of jewellery and the recipient is wild about shoes, consider placing the jewellery in a pair of high heels before wrapping. For the sports fan, place the gift in a baseball glove before wrapping. If you would prefer not to include an additional element, switch up the style of the wrapping. Rather than gathering the ends at the top, gather the cellophane out to the sides and secure with two ribbons to resemble a piece of wrapped candy.

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